Courses to suit different levels. We like to cater for everyone.

Advanced Colouring Course £250 Half a day from 1pm to 4pm including Starter Kit.
If you have a minimum of one and a half years experience and a recognised qualification in Brows, know how to measure and work a measuring tool, then you will only need to do the colouring course. We will need to see your certificate.

Full Brow Creation and Colouring £375 Full day from 10am to 4pm including Starter kit (lunch will be provided)
If you need to learn how to measure, ratio, design and the henna colouring course then the  second course works for you. You will be taught measuring skills using a range of tools and skills combining the string method and calipairs. Learn how to check your brows for symmetry using an app on your phone. This is our most popular course and well worth doing to develop your brow measuring and confidence. 

Extended Course for Beginners £550 Full day from 10am to 4pm including Starter kit (lunch will be provided)
Finally, if you are fresh to the business, and want to learn everything there is to know about brows then the third course is for you. Everything you need to know we will teach you. Waxing, cutting plucking, measuring,  henna colouring and design.

We are based in Liverpool and we  can also accommodate one to one training and on-site training, please enquire.

When you have trained with us, we have a private Facebook page which is excellent for all your queries and to share experiences.

On completion of training we will email you marketing materials to get your new henna Business on its way. 

Please ask any questions you wish, we are here for you.