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This is the future of colouring for Brows, and lasts for 6 weeks on hairs whereas a tint will last a week if you are lucky! And that is with the best tint on the market. With Henna the colour stays on skin depending on your client, from 5 days to 3 weeks. The finish is unreal, even if the Henna softens on the skin the colour on the brow is so deep and luxurious that the 3D effect shows through. You can then just finish your brow ...pop highlighter under your brow and away you go.

You will never go back to tinting brows again.

The kit includes all 8 colours. Now once Henna is opened when it hits the Oxygen it will need to be put into containers to keep the colour strong, we have taken care of that side. Storage containers are provided. You will use a cleanser produced by Mina and a brow growth oil which is a great support for all brows.

Kerry (Mina henna UK Founder) says 'At last we have a solution, with results to last, natural Brows with depth.. you can design brows with my expert tuition. Join me to learn the right way to colour, and to give the best  innovation on colouring. I have never worked with such an excellent product for Brows. I have used every Brow brand on the market, spent ages with products where as now you can highlight and go.'

How Does henna Work?


Be a Fashion Icon with a beautiful Henna Tint For Eyebrows. Here’s A New Revolutionary Eyebrow colouring; Henna, that is safer to use as it does not contain any traces of lead or Ammonia. Give Your Eyebrows a Gorgeous, Stunning Makeover.

Discover Henna, the future of brows.

From £250 for your Henna accredited course 

£150  for your Starter kit. 

In your starter kit you will receive 

8 colours from blonde to black and each colour has 15+ treatments in each box.

Organic Cleanser designed for Brow cleanse

Brow grow oil which is excellent for brow growth strengthening and glossiness 

Brushes to work with Henna and a measuring tool.

This is all you  require, no fancy shampoos finishing preps.. no need .. it’s the most advanced system on the market. No more added time..... this system truly works.